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Anica Rossi

Deep Tech / Tech House

Born in the 90’s in Switzerland with roots from Croatia. 
In her home country on the coasts of Croatia she discovered as a child her path for electronic music. She was inspired by the live house-music they were playing. 

In 2022 after the corona lockdown, Anica started to teach herself mixing. A few months later she had her debut on stage at Warehouse Bern and after that already followed her first booking abroad. 

She joined the music label "Solidarity" where she played as resident numerous gigs like Streetparade, Gurtenfestival, Berner Stadtfest, KUFA Lyss and many more. 

Through her label team, Anica is gaining more and more interest in electronic music production. They are continuously working on their sound and development to release their own tracks.  Furthermore, Anica starts in 2023 her studies of audio engineering, where she will deepen her passion even more.

During her playtime she loves to take the audience to a journey and has a special feeling for the right record. Her style moves somewhere between groovy house, deep tech house and techno with all its facets and its own seductive playfulness that makes the listener dance until the last record. Characterized by a special blend of captivating basslines and rhythmic tracks, she puts together what belongs together.

With strong support from many friends and labels in the scene, they are optimistic about the future and look forward to making people dance and freak out!

"Music is my constant companion in life."

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