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Aston Alba

Organic House / Esoteric Techno

Sam Albasini or widely known as Aston Alba started producing his music around at the age of 14 when he first discovered Techno. Just as soon as he was grasped by the emotional side that this sub-core of dance/electronic music has, he found his calling in this very musical lane to mark his own stamp on the international scene.

The Switzerland-based DJ/Producer takes everything—every sorrow and melancholy—within and surrounding him into the process of creating his distinctive sound which brings the listeners to the more grand, cinematic feeling that is rarely heard in mostly Techno numbers. He carefully creates an array of rich detailed instrumental sounding by fusing the essential elements of Techno with both Middle Eastern sounds and dissonant Esoteric beats and instrumentations which resulted into such hypnotizing ambient textured touch in each of his tracks to match the kind of emotion that he would like to convey through. His catalogues to date—from the EP «The Crow» and «Amon-Re»

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