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David Kawka

Peak Time / RAW / Hypnotic Techno 

David Kawka aka. former "DJ Kawkastyle", born on January the 16th, 1992 in Biel (CH).
David may have grown up in Switzerland, but his heart beats for his home country Poland.

David first found his passion for music at the age of 15. At the beginning of his music career he played EDM, Garage- and Electro House. David achieved his first fame in his area within a short period of time and could perform at major events throughout Switzerland and internationally. At the same time David began with his own production work and the establishment of his own events under the names "Bienna Festival" and "Most Wanted".

2012 was David's most successful year. With lots of bookings, a label contract with Artistcorner GmbH and several track releases under the former stage name "Kawkastyle". David was also resident DJ at the Wankdorf & Liquid Club in Bern and OXA in Zurich. La crème de la crème of the EDM scene in Switzerland.
But the most difficult moment to make a decision came. - David didn't just focus on his musical career, but increasingly on sport and education. With a successful degree in marketing and sales, David crowned one of his greatest goals in life.

When David's personal and professional goals were striven for in 2018, he now wants to dedicate himself again to his passion of DJing and Producing, consciously and with full vigour. In the meantime his music style changed to Techno & Tech House.


David has currently over 15 years experience in this business. He is founder of "Solidarity Entertainment Switzerland" and hosts events in his area. He is also a publisher and manage an artist mgmt. Generally David play only tech house or techno music between 128 - 143 bpm , but his sets and his track releases for the audience varies. 

The first priority of David Kawka's aims in life is clear. - To get involved with the big ones and to be able to start again successfully in the new techno world!

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