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Music Production

We make your dream come true! Have you always wanted to have your own song under your name? Then you are exactly right with us!

No matter in which music style you want to go... Whether you want to be electronic, hip-hop or instrumental... we have everything ready for you! We work with FL Studios and have several plugins that cover all music genres from A-Z.

Mixing & Mastering

We mix and master your songs! You are a music producer & have no time or too little experience?  

We do it for you!

Mixing and mastering are often confused and there is a lot of uncertainty about the subject. Mixing is the matching of the individual elements to each other with EQ's and compressors, stereo width, frequency response and depth. Mastering is the adjustment of loudness and optimization of the final mix.

Artist Management

We as agency, we look after artists worldwide. Our tasks include organizing bookings at events, coordinating song releases on our label and always looking for new talents to promote their music career!

DJ Courses

We'll give you the technique to get started as a DJ. Have you always wanted to know how easy it is behind the decks?

You'll never be nervous about your performances because you'll be ready for anything. In our on-site studio, we'll show you how it work.

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